♦    To bestow the excellent advanced professional, research and technical education in a wide range of inter disciplinary areas all over the world which will an incalculable asset for industry and community.
♦    To serve the society by providing it with the solution of biological data analysis by bioinformatics techniques, this will alleviate the public healthcare sector.


♦    To provides flexible, innovative, advanced professional and technical education to create an ambience in which new ideas and creativity flourish, so that leaders and innovators should bridge the gap
fffff between the academia and industry.
♦    To provide the advance facilities and best course curriculum as per the global industry demand.
♦    To undertake the collaboration with various industries and universities, this will guide our students about the recent ongoing research without any barrier.
♦    To provide human resource, research and development consultancy, this will promote contact with industries and to government organizations.
♦    To develop human potential to its brimful extent so that eruditely capable and visionary gifted leaders can emerge in a range of highly efficient professionals.