The pharmaceutical industry currently faces marked challenges in its long-standing business model. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is being used to maximize the revenue-generating potential of pharmaceuticals, especially in their maturity. Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Management 2010-2020 - the PLM strategies are examined that pharmaceutical companies are using .which ranges from reformulations, new combinations of drugs and expanded indication ranges, to the use of alliances, licensing, mergers and acquisitions. The interface between R&D, marketing & sales, product & brand management, pricing, distribution, retailing and promotional issues within the pharmaceutical industry are the important target for the pharma industry. Relationship of product management with other functions like sales and marketing, pre-marketing awareness launch planning, budget setting and allocation of resources for promotions are main highlights of the course The course will also focus on the marketing research process and steps involved in a marketing research study. While the primary emphasis will be on the Indian pharmaceutical industry, attention will also be paid to the Global Pharma Industry.


PA pharmaceutical product manager often coordinates and oversees all aspects of medical products, from research funding to product advertising. You need training and experience in both management and the sciences in order to work in this position.

Product management encompasses activities such as planning, forecasting, advertising, training, motivating, communicating, scheduling, coordinating, organizing, budgeting and positioning. This programme puts your responsibilities into perspective and gives you the tools and techniques you need to control to entire product management process in pharmaceutical industry. The basic objective of this seminar is to improve knowledge and skills of product managers, so that they will achieve beneficial marketing and sales goals effectively. In addition, product management relating to pharmaceutical products requires specific skills like developing excellent relations with the field force and other related departments. This course will also be helpful in the area of creating a more effective pharmaceutical marketing team.

Future Prospects

Requiring knowledge of business, marketing, data analysis and technology - plus excellent communication and organizational skills - product management is challenging and rewarding work. A product manager works with the people who make a product, those who use the product and those who manage the business to ensure that the product is meeting everyone's needs. As a product manager you may find opportunities at any company which makes a 'product' of some kind. Usually manufactured products such as appliances, pharmaceuticals. Product managers help to ensure that the product is being made as efficiently as possible and that the people building it have access to the latest technologies and techniques. They also listen to the users of the product, finding out what new features they want and gathering and analyzing their feedback and usage data. This helps them to make decisions about the future of the product; what will and won't be possible and which features to prioritise or to drop altogether and produce product roadmaps.
They are also responsible for the lifecycle of the product, ensuring that everyone is following the product roadmap and that features are being released on time and are of a high quality.
In your role you may focus mostly on the users of your product, sometimes referred to as product marketing, or on the creation of the product itself, known as product development.

Program curriculum

We provide Pharma Product Management & Operations course in two levels as Professional Designation for undergraduate students and Advance PG Program for Graduated Students. The details of the courses are as below:

Job opportunities

Pharma is a highly competitive industry, and companies are experiencing financial pressures more than ever before. Thus, operations management issues affect the entire company, and the supply chain has broadened to include “everything from the suppliers’ suppliers to the customers’ customers”. Whereas historically, a background in biochemistry or chemical engineering may have been most highly valued in a pharmaceutical company, today, there is a growing demand for professionals with skills in operations management — even if that is not their primary function

Industries Associated with Pharma Product Management & Operations

♦    Bausch & Lomb
♦    Lupin Limited
♦    Johnson & Johnson
♦    Wockhardt
♦    Unichem Laboratories
♦    Sun Pharmaceutical
♦    Orion Pharma
♦    Ipca Laboratories
♦    Calyx
♦    Mother Dairy
♦    Bliss GVS Pharma
♦    Al Rawabi
♦    Almarai