In- Silico Project Training/Dissertation

GIBT India has developed 07 days to 12 months rigorous Industrial Bioinformatics Training/ Project Training/ Dissertation & Summer/ Winter Training Program/ online or offline for the students of any stream of Biotechnology/ life sciences. Certificate will be provided to the candidates on successful completion of the training/ project work. The candidates who are pursuing or have completed their B.Tech, B. Sc., M.Tech, M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph.D in Biology/ Biotech/ Medical Biotech or any stream of Life Sciences from a recognized University are eligible for Bioinformatics training with us.

Areas of Bioinformatics in which research projects & trainings are offered at our institution:
1.   Basic Bioinformatics(Tools and file formats description)
2.   Sequence Identification & Alignment
3.   Protein Structure Prediction
4.   Bioinformatics Databases
5.   In-Silico drug designing and discovery
6.   Pathway Analysis
7.   Gene Ontology
8.   Microarray Analysis
9.   Immunoinformatics
10.   Agri-Informatics
11.   R-Language
12.   PERL language
13.   MATLAB(Bioinformatics Toolbox)
14.   Systems Biology
15.   Data Mining- Life Science
16.   Phylo-Informatics