Frequenlty Ask Questions

Qus:   Are there age limitations to attend GIBT India?
Ans:   In general, there is no age limit to enroll in the courses offered by GIBT.

Qus:   What is academic calendar for GIBT India?
Ans:   The academic year usually runs from June- June and December- December.

Qus:   What is the difference between Advanced PG and Professional Designation Courses?
Ans:   Advanced PG courses follow 12 months duration and lead to an advanced modules of the courses and professional designation courses follow six months duration and provide brief detail about the course.

Qus:   Is it possible to enroll in two courses at the same time?
Ans:   Yes. You can take admission in two courses at the same time. These courses are completely distance based learning. So, it depends on student's capability to prepare assignments for both the courses.

Qus:   What are fast track courses?
Ans:   Fast track course is a mode to complete the 12 months course in 7-8 months. A student has to sign an undertaking that he/she will do this course in reduced time period and will give full time to the course.

Qus:   What is the difference between online course and distance course?
Ans:   Essentially there is no difference.

Qus:   what is distance education?
Ans:   Distance education occurs when a student and instructor are in different places. Learning occurs by mail, telephone, and internet or by hard copy of study material.

Qus:   Do students have to study a fixed set of modules or they can individually from their major?
Ans:   Yes. All the modules are mandatory for all the courses offered.

Qus:   What are the benefits of these courses?
Ans:   These are job oriented, industrial specialized courses, and all the modules in these course are as per the industrial demand.

Qus:   What is the best general advice for an incoming student?
Ans:   Kindly check all the modules sent via mail or available on our website before choosing any course; choose the course according to your requirements.

Qus:   How can I reserve my seat for any course I am not able to submit the fee before the last due date?
Ans:   You can submit your filled application form along with your documents with a minimal amount of INR 1000; this amount will be added with your fee payment later on.

Qus:   How will I get the study material?
Ans:   We will dispatch the study material at the address mentioned by you in application form.

Qus:   What is the processing after submitting the fee and documents?
Ans:   We will send you confirmation letter via mail after receiving the documents along with the fee.