Director's Message

I am honoured to be the Director of Global Institute of Biosciences and Technology (GIBT) that persevere for the noble source of providing educational placement opportunities globally.
       As the education has continued to evolve, diversify and extend its reach to cater to the developments and changes taking place in the society. For reaching new horizons and attaining distant goals of education in specific, and life in general, we are trying to give greater emphasis on quality education to all without discrimination so as to meet the needs and demands of the society.
       GIBT has always endeavoured demand led initiatives augmenting quality of operations across various departments and sections by incorporating technology and innovation and contributes in distance learning education which is merging people from various cultures and countries. We offers you to enhance your career through the medium of skillful education. Distance learning opens new dimensions of opportunities for students to obtain higher education without the constraint of location and time.
       GIBT has persuaded in India, an interactive learning in the course and curriculum as a supplementary lecture videos, in order to improve the understanding of concepts. Through flexible mode of learning you can enhance your career in various interdisciplinary courses. The institution has progressed and sustained for inculcating knowledge to the future needs of the students. GIBT revises its curriculum periodically as per the industry requirements and offers latest subjects and technologies empowering the students to get the latest skills to be employable. With profusion of new generation courses, the institution is continuing to inferno its lasting stream of passion for academics and other activities in the educational arena. For this, the principles of co-operation based on consensus and true partnerships towards distance learning education will be ensured and the value of sharing knowledge will be upheld for building an erudite learning community.

GIBT India Placement Cell

The placement cell of GIBT India has taken upon itself the onerous yet fulfilling task of assisting the students, bettering their career prospect by providing them need based and result- oriented training programmes that help them achieve their need. This process is engaged through modern training facilities and innovative methodology which work at satisfying the objective of providing career guidance to students, co-ordination with prospective external agencies / industries / companies and suitably enriching the experience on both sides. The Placement Cell is headed by a committee that exerts itself in order to maintain the high level of interaction enjoyed by the companies with the students, thereby helping the latter to develop successful job strategies and career wise decision-making and other skills commensurate with the expectations of the industry. A good collection of reference books and pertinent articles are available for purposes of understanding the scope of operations better. The members in-charge are available on call to respond to students?